What will your digital legacy be?

by VitalLock on 04/03/2009

John D. Rockafeller

John D. Rockefeller

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

–Benjamin Franklin, 1788

Every buy amoxil year, millions of Americans get worked up  (and likely worked over) by CPAs, lawyers and seasonal tax preparation outfits as they race the clock to meet the April 15th filing deadline.  According to the Tax Foundation, Americans spend, on average, 8 to 27 hours on tax preparation. That’s a significant investment of time spent preparing for one of life’s certainties.

Now consider how much time you invest in that other life certainty….death.  Even if you have kids, a fair amount of  valuable assets or investments, according to Findlaw.com, viagra female more than 60% of you don’t even have a will that instructs the people you’ll eventually leave behind how to manage your affairs and, ultimately, continue on without you.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

If that doesn’t resonate, consider everything you’ve ever created that exists only as 1′s and 0′s Viagra online prescription on the computer your using to read this blog.  Your emails; your unpublished novel; your Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription business plan; your account password list; your digital photographs; your digital music library? How can you preserve and pass on your emerging DIGITAL LEGACY?

What if you died suddenly without saying goodbye?  What would you like to have communicated to your family and friends before you pass? Your family deserves to have a trusted, cost-effective means with which to preserve your oral history, family videos, written archives — indeed your PERSONAL LEGACY.

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Andrew Carnegie

As Internet access becomes ubiquitous and more affordable, the digital divide will online ampicillin levitra online price be bridged and pave the way for innovators who will, for the first time, stand shoulder to shoulder with the men of means who have to date, monopolized commerce.  Somewhere in Bangalore there’s a young child armed with a keyboard developing the next great multi-player game.  He deserves to have his work, his ideas, his digital legacy protected and preserved just as the titans of the Western Viagra online world have preserved their vast empires and transferred their wealth to their heirs with armies of corporate attorneys.

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The concept of a digital legacy is relatively new but quickly gaining traction in the marketplace and in the media.  Already there are more than ten different Internet properties that are looking to capitalize on this idea. The intent of this blog is to foster discussion of all things related to the secured storage and timely disposition of assets western levitra costs union missouri arnold in your digital estate.

Death and taxes are indeed certainties. VitalLock intends to insure that the preservation of one’s digital legacy will be something else the world and your descendants acomplia buy Drugstore cheap online can count on as well.

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