hoangnguyenHoang Nguyen (1980-2007)

Auntie Hoang was killed in a tragic auto accident. She left behind a family with no easy way of accessing her online life and no easy way of even telling her friends. Sure word spread and Hoang’s life was celebrated by all those who were able to find out but the fact remains that absent a service such as this there is just no easy way of handling such an tragedy and worse yet have these issues arise at the worst possible time. You can read a great article memorializing Hoang here.

Additional reflection has helped us enhance our offering to answer questions such as…

What would happen to my spouse if I died tomorrow?

How would s/he know where to start?

What would I leave as my digital legacy and to whom?

Who would know how to leverage my digital assets and online systems for my families benefit?

How would I be remembered?

Will I get a chance to tell them I love them and that I’ll miss them and that they will be alright?

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