For absolute security the VitalLock system envelopes all messages BEFORE they leave your computer using Government-strength 2048bit encryption. Each message recipient’s public key is then used to create an even stronger envelope seal. The bottom line is that even if required by law, without your private key pass-phrase, there is simply no way for us to ever provide unencrypted data whatsoever. Your secrets are beyond bank-safe.

We live, work and breathe in the cloud and utilize zend, assembla, wiki, trac, svn, pgp, flex, AS3, php, js, tarzan and facebook api’s on RightScale managed ElasticIP’d Amazon EC2 Apache2 servers instances to serve JSON from our RESTful API, S3 for object storage, SQS for transactional messaging and denormalized key-value pair SimpleDB for account management and total service scalability.

Contact us at API (at) VitalLock (dot) com for Developer/API access…

Our team is on lookout for the few, the proud, the Ninja.

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