Team VitalLock

bestbobRobert E. Stewart, Sr. – Founder & CEO

Stewart has been working with computers since 1978, prior to founding VitalLock Bob was CEO of Enterprise Scale Rich Internet Application developer ESRIA who delivered solutions for; Adobe’s Lighthouse Consulting and Wave, Boeing, CBS’s CNET, Cisco, Disney’s www home page, Fidelity, Gomez, Kodak, Hyundai, Intuit, NFL, New York Times, BT’s Ribbit, SearchMe and Yahoo! amongst others. In 1994 Bob founded ISP VRmedia before joining Motorola as their first Webmaster where he later went on to be appointed Internet CTO of Motorola’s $1B Internet & Networking Group. Stewart was then head hunted into CMGI as VP of Development for PlanetDirect, promoted to SVP of Engineering and Development for CMGI’s and later CTO of CMGI’s Portal, AltaVista Zip2 and Solutions Groups. At the height of the original dot com era Bob joined, purchased and open sourced bioinformatics company CyberMedica. He later joined John Sculley’s Orwellian deep background screening concern Verified Person in NYC before becoming a consultant to Israeli border, bridge, tunnel and train infrastructure intelligent video analytics company AgentVI and EMC’s physical security solutions group. For over fifteen years Bob has held State and Federal certifications in incident command, firefighting, hazardous materials, open-water rescue diving, surf-rescue and as an emergency medical technician. He and his wife Alison make their home on the Coast of Maine with their children.
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avatar_medPaul H.P. Christen – Co-Founder & CTO

PaulC brings more than twenty years of networking experience, and until recently he oversaw the architecture and implementation of Eluma. Prior to joining the Eluma team, he served as the Chief Architect for Mirror Image Internet, where he set the overall technical direction for their Internet products, including designing their XPC technology. Previously, PaulC was the Director of Operations for a large New England ISP where he was responsible for network planning and deployment, as well as selecting and implementing new technologies. Paul is an Iron Man code ninja, drives an H1 and is just plain awesome.

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